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Good description of the shipping must be transported and stored.

Substances; case, the characteristic features and the amount collected under the three main groups. These characteristics of the shipping to be moved and stored, transport and store up facilities will be established to determine the type and structure the most important role in determining properties of constructive play.

Shipping to be moved and stored; bulk (dump) the transportation and parts (one case), shipping are divided into two main groups.

Part (Unit) Shipping Stores

Price per Unit (piece) transportation, which is separated shapes, sizes differ transportation. The factors affecting the transport of shipping and store up of shipping parts parts dimensions, weights, evden eve nakliyat volumes, shapes and so on. features.

Parts of the shipping have a specific shape and dimensions of the storage and transport by bulk shipping more difficult. Part of the shipping storage, pallets, evdEn EVe naKLiYat racks, modular drawers, boxes, containers, stacking outdoor area, mobile racks and so on. Is used.

The main task of the structures that make up the unit stores the transportation warehouse property to protect against the effects of the outside world (Ankara evden eve nakliyat).

Storage Tank: Storage tanks (spare tank, collecting tank) is usually divided into volumetric capacities and others with long storage times.
These shipping stocked for long periods of time, are used to store. (Eg raw materials, coal, grain stores)

Repository Migration: Migration tanks, until the exit of the shipping into the warehouse used to leave in a short time. Warehouse transportation loaded and unloaded in the same or at regular intervals.

Storage time is usually very short. (Tanks kept at the airport or train stations)

Classified Tank: Classified flow of material during store up and separation, the places where a particular arrangement. These deposits are very short storage periods.

In the case of the large amount of varieties suited to full automation of such stores.

Surface Tank: the most appropriate storage system that has been used previously low storages.

Complicated process, lack of storage, the facility is cheaper and can be changed easily, such as corridors, against the positive characteristics, low deposits and undesirable aspects of the more important: the scene efficiently used in warehouses, storage of shipping completely covering the ground, with only the top of a set of shipping or transportation can be taken directly to the unit storage operations take more time, eVDen eVe nAkLiYat and EVdEN EVe nAKLiyaT finally not show compliance with the repository, such as automatic layouts.

This type stores, can reach up to a height of 7 meters, covering an area of large storages. Shipping stored in warehouse floor or low shelves. Crane used for storage as utilities systems, belt conveyors are as hard as a continuous feed machines and a variety of carriers of the corridor.
Surface properties of high surface storages tanks are the same. However, the heights of 7-12 meters range.

Multi-Story Storage: store in a row of multi-storey warehouses surface formed by organized storages. This type of warehouse stores where the floor area is less than thought in order to increase storage capacity.

Utilities are used to transport the surface are the same as those used in warehouses, elevators, vertical multi-storey warehouses carriers become important.
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